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Saturday, May 29, 2021 · 1:02 PM

ALERT: Critical Recall Fundraising Deadline is approaching and we are being outspent. Please Contribute TODAY to help remove Gov Newsom.

Monday, May 31, 2021 · 6:02 PM

The Recall Fundraising Deadline is tonight and we are short several contributions. Will you give in the next hour to help hit this goal?

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 · 4:02 PM

Now that the masks are off, the CAGOP has announced Today as ELECTION INTEGRITY DAY. For safe and secure elections, get involved visit

Sunday, June 20, 2021 · 7:25 PM

Enter for a chance to be a VIP guest at the RNC Summer Retreat in Orange County June 26 with several Key Conservative Leaders

Monday, June 21, 2021 · 8:02 PM

Time is running out to win a trip to the RNC Summer Retreat in Orange County as a VIP guest. Contribute before the Deadline to enter

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 · 7:02 PM

You have not entered to win a trip as a VIP guest at the RNC Summer Retreat in Orange County June 26. Enter before the Deadline TONIGHT
Thursday, August 5, 2021 · 4:02 PM

RECALL NEWSOM UPDATE. This is our first Recall ad. It highlights the failures and mismanagement from Governor Gavin Newsom. Watch here:
Monday, August 16, 2021 · 6:01 PM

New Recall Ad: STATE ON FIRE. Newsom’s lies and exaggerations with wildfires have deadly consequences. Time for him to go. Watch here:
Thursday, August 19, 2021 · 2:01 PM

New Newsom Recall Video. Closed Schools, Billions in EDD fraud, and lock-down hypocrisy will be THE LAST STRAW. Watch here:
Sunday, August 22, 2021 · 4:01 PM

Hi, it is Nikki Haley. Governor Newsom continues to Fail California. Together, we can win the Recall. Chip in today to be 5X-MATCHED
Monday, August 30, 2021 · 4:01 PM

DESCENT INTO CHAOS: Our new Recall Video. Newsom’s policies have led to an increase in crime and left us less safe. Watch here:
Tuesday, September 7, 2021 · 2:11 PM

Nikki Haley here. I met with CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson and we agreed Recalling Newsom is priority #1. Chip in today
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 · 9:02 AM

Today is Election Day. Polls are OPEN. If you need help
finding your polling location visit VOTE YES ON
Tuesday, Jan 18 · 5:02 PM

In the time it takes you to read this, 1 assault and 2 robberies will have been committed in CA. Can you spare a few $$$ to keep things from getting worse?:
Wednesday, Jan 19 · 6:02 PM

1 in 200 Californians are homeless.

Will you take a moment to demand Democratic leadership take action on the situation since they run our government?


Thursday, Jan 20 · 2:01 PM

Is it a coincidence that the state with the most left-leaning leadership also has soaring crime & a sagging quality of life? SAVE CA NOW:
Friday, Jan 21 · 12:02 PM

And the award for Worst CA Dem of 2021 goes to-




Was that what you expected? Lets get them retired! >

Saturday, Jan 22 · 10:45 AM

Healthcare run by the same people handling the DMV & wildfire prevention…

Do you trust your life in the hands of the government?

Sunday, Jan 23 · 2:03 PM

Even the NFL does not trust CA.

Can you believe they almost moved the Super Bowl to TX to avoid Newsoms COVID policies?

Rush $8 to help stop Dems:

Monday, Jan 24 · 12:25 PM

People are fleeing taxes & crime so fast theyve run out of U-Hauls. Democrat leaders are to blame. Help us help fire them:
Monday, Jan 24 · 6:02 PM

Do you want to pay an extra $12K a year in taxes?

Thats what will happen if you let the left socialize healthcare in CA.

Help us stop them>>

Tuesday, Jan 25 · 9:06 AM

We had an incredible year on the ground in 2021.

If we keep that momentum up, by raising more money, we will reach more voters and fire more Dems.


Tuesday, Jan 25 · 7:02 PM

3 signatures still needed to demand Democrats take action on the homelessness crisis they caused.

YOU can be the one to make a difference by signing NOW:

Wednesday, Jan 26 · 10:17 AM

Hey its Young Kim. I was officially endorsed by the CAGOP & could really use your help. Do you want to take back the House this year? Give Here:
Wednesday, Jan 26 · 5:02 PM

We selected 10 supporters from each county to take our CA Democrat approval poll and you were selected. Your answer is critical to the results. Answer here:
Thursday, Jan 27 · 8:04 AM

Hey its Krista. I am working to expand our grassroots efforts statewide, but cannot do so if we do not hit our end of month goal. Will you please help me?:
Thursday, Jan 27 · 12:32 PM

Michelle Steel here.

I’m thrilled to be endorsed by the CAGOP & fight with them to save CA from Pelosi, Schiff, and Waters.

Give now to help us:

Thursday, Jan 27 · 5:48 PM

An open seat on SCOTUS with Biden as Pres. . . Its never been more apparent that we need GOP majorities as a last line of defense from radicals like Biden & Newsom. $13 NOW TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION:
Friday, Jan 28 · 9:02 AM

Socialized healthcare, brought to you by the same people responsible for the DMV & the EDD. Help us stop this disaster before it starts:
Friday, Jan 28 · 1:03 PM

Which California Democrat is the biggest failure – Newsom, Pelosi, someone else? Choose carefully & submit your response HERE:
Friday, Jan 28 · 5:01 PM

If we do not meet this goal, CA could forever be known for homelessness, violent crime, and Democrat elitists controlling your every move:
Saturday, Jan 29 · 8:02 AM

CALLING ALL PATRIOTS Only days away from Jan 31 and we arent on track to hit our goal. Help close the gap before the Dems get ahead:
Saturday, Jan 29 · 12:39 PM

Newsoms high speed rail project is out of hand- tens of BILLIONS over budget and behind schedule. Sign this petition and tell the left to solve some of CAs real problems:
Saturday, Jan 29 · 4:33 PM

This is not good. The Dems hit their goal EARLY and we are still behind ours. We did the math. If everyone reading this chips in $8.31 we will be back on track:
Sunday, Jan 30 · 9:02 AM

37 patriots stepped up so far…. If we fail to reach this goal, tyrants like Gavin Newsom will continue to prevail! Stand up for America, Stand up for California:
Sunday, Jan 30 · 4:02 PM

Since we are still behind our goal for this month, we are offering an exclusive 7X IMPACT offer to our most loyal patriots. 7X IMPACT IN THE NEXT 10 MIN:
Sunday, Jan 30 · 5:47 PM

ITS OFFICIAL, SHES RUNNING AGAIN Do you support Nancy Pelosi for another term in Congress? NO= We need leaders who care about America: Yes= shes done great. The country is thriving: Thank you for your response! Now lets fire some more Dems!
Monday, Jan 31 · 8:03 AM

THE DEMOCRATS HAVE REACHED THEIR GOAL AND WE ARE STILL BEHIND OURS!!! That is why I am bumping our gift up from 7X to 8X IMPACT for 12 hours only: -Jackson
Monday, Jan 31 · 1:48 PM

Bryan here. If you can, will you please chip in to help us transform CA to be golden again? > Any amount truly makes a difference in the battle against Newsom & his fellow power-grabbers. Thank you
Monday, Jan 31 · 5:31 PM

If everyone reading this chips in $3.02 we will not only hit our goal, but be AHEAD of the radicals too. HELP DESTROY THE DEMS BY MIDNIGHT:
Tuesday, Feb 1 · 8:04 AM

First The French Laundry & now NFL games Newsom is not even hiding his complete disregard for his OWN mask mandates as he was once again spotted without! Remove him from his throne:
Wednesday, Feb 2 · 11:35 AM

Gov. Newsom seems to see himself as King Newsom Apparently elitists like himself are an exception to his own rule. This is just the beginning if true patriots like you do not step up to the plate to get these power-grabbing tyrants out of office. Rush $15 to get them out of office!:
Wednesday, Feb 2 · 3:01 PM

It’s Michelle Steel The CAGOP just endorsed me. Will you 8X your impact today so we can hit the ground running & take back the House this year?
Thursday, Feb 3 · 10:14 AM

Its Young Kim. I’m fighting alongside the CAGOP & we need your help. Will you join us & save CA from far left Democrat policies? Donate Now:
Thursday, Feb 3 · 5:01 PM

20 minutes left before polls close! Do you think SCOTUS should make decisions based on political affiliations?:
Friday, Feb 4 · 9:01 AM

Crime in CA is so bad that residents have been fleeing for years! California Democrats just don’t get it. Its time for new leadership:
Friday, Feb 4 · 2:02 PM

Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will run for ANOTHER term. Dont give her the opportunity to keep running CA into the ground:
Monday, Feb 14 · 9:04 AM

Official February CA Survey: You were 1 of 50 patriots selected in your county. Your response is crucial. Thank you for your time
Monday, Feb 14 · 3:03 PM

CA Dems are scrambling as BILLIONS in taxpayer $$$ was stolen by fraud. Do you think removing the Director in charge fixes the problem? Tell us:
Monday, Feb 14 · 5:47 PM

Why can Newsom keep our kids masked in schools, but take maskless photos with celebrities at the ballgame? Is Gavin above the rules? He thinks so. Kick Dem elitists out NOW:
Tuesday, Feb 15 · 2:02 PM

Parents VS. Democrats Which side are you on? Allowing zip code to determine ones fate or allowing parents to make education decisions for their own children? VOTE HERE:
Wednesday, Feb 16 · 8:02 AM

Pelosi is running for re-election. The good news is that with patriots like you we can make sure she isnt successful. Fire Dems & take back the House:
Thursday, Feb 17 · 10:03 AM

As a thank you for all you did in 2021, we are offering you the 2022 CAGOP Sustaining Membership at a REDUCED RATE. Thats right, what was once a minimum donation of $35, is ONLY $25 for YOU! Activate now so we can mail you your membership card quickly:
Friday, Feb 18 · 3:32 PM

We have already fallen behind where we were financially at this point in the last cycle. After going through our records, we noticed a drop in recurring donors. BECOME A RECURRING DONOR: Recurring donors contribute an amount of their choice each month. Any amount plays a significant role in keeping things moving.
Saturday, Feb 19 · 8:31 AM

Fox News: Pelosi spent over $500K on private jets despite claiming we have a moral obligation to reduce emissions PETITION TO END THE HYPOCRISY:
Sunday, Feb 20 · 10:08 AM

Do YOU support school choice? YES! Parents deserve a say in their childrens education: NO! Parents should not have a say:
Monday, Feb 21 · 9:01 AM

CNN POLL: 51% of Dems dont want another term of Joe Biden! We think we know the answer, but do YOU approve of Joe Bidens job as President?:
Monday, Feb 21 · 3:02 PM

Kevin McCarthy: *Children deserve normalcy now. They deserve normalcy in the classroom, on the playground, in the lunchroom, on the sports field, and everywhere else. House Republicans will continue to fight for families and students who have had enough of the Democrats theater and hypocrisy.* -$4 to elect more GOP leaders:
Tuesday, Feb 22 · 8:16 AM

We sure do miss the days of pre-Biden era prices. It is no secret that gas prices are surging, reaching record highs. So we are asking, what is the HIGHEST cost of gas you have seen in your area? SUBMIT PRICE:
Tuesday, Feb 22 · 5:01 PM

Hey its Krista. To expand our ground game to elect more GOP leaders, I am TRIPLING all donations for 1 hour only. 3X IMPACT $7 NOW:
Wednesday, Feb 23 · 10:02 AM

Payment Services It has never been more crucial that we have patriots who are committed to restoring our rights and freedoms. Gavin Newsom has gone TOO far! RENEW CAGOP MEMBERSHIP:
Wednesday, Feb 23 · 3:01 PM

Shh dont tell anyone. . . 30 more minutes of TRIPLE IMPACT just for YOU! Dont miss this opportunity. 3X any amount ASAP: To victory, -Krista
Thursday, Feb 24 · 11:02 AM

Dems like Newsom dont trust parents to make decisions for their OWN CHILDREN. We need to know, do YOU support school choice?:
Thursday, Feb 24 · 5:46 PM

The Dems have met their goal and we are still behind ours Unlike the Dems, our only special interest is YOU If you can, please chip in $4 ASAP:
Friday, Feb 25 · 10:34 AM

Without more conservatives in office up and down the ballot, it is nearly impossible to stop Dems from pushing their socialist policies. HELP US TAKE BACK THE HOUSE:
Friday, Feb 25 · 3:02 PM

Only 17 Official 2022 Membership Cards left! If you have not already claimed one, be sure to do so ASAP before they are gone for good: -Jackson
Saturday, Feb 26 · 8:01 AM

BREAKING: Biden nominates a radical judicial activist to SCOTUS We need 10,000 signatures by midnight! PETITION TO FIGHT BACK:
Saturday, Feb 26 · 4:02 PM

Like most things, Joe Biden is giving his SOTU Address later than what is typical of a U.S. President, with it being on March 1st this year. What do you hope he speaks about?:
Sunday, Feb 27 · 9:02 AM

Dems are doing all they can to silence conservatives. With us still not hitting our goal, we are worried our supporters are not receiving our messages. Confirm you got this message HERE:
Sunday, Feb 27 · 12:03 PM

Republicans like Kevin McCarthy, Michelle Steel, and Young Kim are counting on us hitting our Feb goal. We still need 435 patriots to step up before its too late:
Sunday, Feb 27 · 5:31 PM

Inflation World Affairs COVID What are you hoping Pres Biden will speak about at his SOTU address on Tuesday?: We appreciate the response!
Monday, Feb 28 · 8:05 AM

Payment Incomplete: GOP leaders are doing all they can to destroy the Dems, but there is only so much they can do. We need you to stand up too and help us reach our Feb goal.
Monday, Feb 28 · 2:02 PM

PSA: Gov. Kim Reynolds is delivering the GOP response to Sleepy Joe’s State of the Union. What are you hoping Reynolds speaks about during her SOTU rebuttal? Let us know here:
Tuesday, Mar 1 · 9:32 AM

Calendar Reminder TONIGHT is the SOTU Address and we know Biden will try to spin his crises to blame Republicans. Chip in $7 by 7 PM to elect more GOP leaders in Nov as a line of defense against Democrat policies:
Tuesday, Mar 1 · 2:02 PM

Before Bidens radical SCOTUS nominee is given the chance to strip us of our Constitutional rights, we need to do everything we can to fight back. Add your name to our petition to join Republicans standing up for our countrys principles:
Tuesday, Mar 1 · 4:01 PM

Who knows how Biden will decide to spin the crises he has caused after just 13 months in office. Will you be watching his SOTU Address? RSVP:
Wednesday · 5:31 PM

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 35 signatures still needed in the next 20 min to help Republicans fight back against Bidens radical SCOTUS nominee:
Thursday · 8:32 AM

Will you add your name to our petition, pledging that you support law enforcement? It will only take a second, but will have a HUGE impact. SIGN HERE:
Friday · 9:47 AM

Good morning Whether it be $5 or $50, can we count on you to become a recurring monthly donor to help us stay on track? If so, follow the link and keep the box checked: Thank you so much
Saturday · 2:01 PM

ACTIVATE MEMBERSHIP: We noticed your name is still missing for 2022. CAGOP Members are the backbone to defeating Dems like Pelosi once & for all
Sunday · 5:32 PM

Governor Gavin Newsom seems to forget that hes governor, NOT KING. The only way to end the hypocrisy is by ending Newsoms reign over CA. 8X IMPACT FOR THE NEXT 5 MIN:

Monday · 11:03 AM

CPAC had their 2024 Presidential straw poll this past week. We are curious, who would YOU nominate?: Polls close at 9 PM

8:07 AM

Are you even surprised that Biden appointed a judicial activist to SCOTUS? We sure arent. Let us know your thoughts ASAP: