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In grateful response to Hans-Hermann Hoppe
1Cultivate a sense of HomeStop Mass Immigration
2Mind your own businessStop attacking, killing and bombing people in foreign countries
3Let funding return to natural distribution Defund the ruling elites and its intellectual bodyguards
4Replace Fiat with CryptocurrencyEnd the FED and all central banks
5Don’t discriminate…everyone is born equalAbolish all ‘affirmative action’ and ‘non-discrimination’ laws and regulations
6Reduce control obsessionsCrush the “Anti-Fascist” Mob
7Allow social harmony in public spacesCrush the street criminals and gangs
8Treat valuable things as scarce…don’t give them awayGet rid of all welfare parasites and bums
9Steward a land of constant learning and discoveryGet the State out of education
10Rule by face to face dialecticDon’t put your trust in politics or political parties